The Quirkiest Socks

In the world

Our customers like to be different

A Bryt Beginning

In 2014 Bryt founder James tested a study

showing colourful socks increase happiness and confidence.

The effects where huge and Bryt Began...


2 successful Kickstarter campaigns and one of the highest EVER conversion rates in Kickstarter History.

We knew Bryt was a socksess!

Sock Science

In 2015 Bryt performed their founding tests. 200 unsuspecting people swapped boring socks for Bryt socks. Here's the results:


More positive comments on their outfit.


Felt happier and more confident.

Bryt Community

Whether you wear Bryt to the office, bar, club, cafe, gym or a stroll through the park - People will know you're individual, confident and most likely have a smile on your face.

Bryt fans have one thing in common. We're quirky and we like to be individual.

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