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10 Unconventional Valentines Gifts for Him

Not sure what to get him this year for valentines day? Here are some slightly dangerous and always unique gift ideas from the team at Bryt. Knock your socks off!

£ = Low Price. You care but you're on a budget.

££ = Medium Price. You're pushing the boat out!

£££ = High Price. You're a high roller and you're treating him like a King!

1. Willy Exerciser - £

Slightly risky to kick us off. You may want to make an investment for the both of you and give him a subtle hint (smack in the face) to up his game. This gift is of course the ‘willy exerciser’. Give your mans pecker some pecks.

2. Cure for Farting in Bed - £

A serious problem in a serious relationship is swiftly escaping the stench your other half releases whilst in bed. We've found a solution to this problem which is ‘The cure for farting in bed’. These small sacks are placed under your covers, which will eliminate the odours occurring from your partners derrière.

3. Bryt Socks Subscription - £

A great gift for him this year is a subscription to Bryt Socks. Each month your other half will receive a quirky pair of socks to brighten up their day, and perhaps yours too. You buy once and receive for months to come. Why not team up and both rock out a fresh pair of socks each month!

4. A Weekend in Vienna - £££

Why not treat him to a weekend away in Vienna. As the home of classical music, Vienna is one of the most culturally significant cities in the world. It's not all Churches, Museums and History, there's some cracking night life too!

5. Personalised Bottle of Prosecco - ££

To get into the real spirit of Valentines day you may want to buy a personalised gift for your partner. A special gift you could get is a personalised bottle of Prosecco with your very own special message. Who says romance is dead?

6. Supercar Track Day - £££

A classic if your other half is a petrol head or loves to take a risk! Let him test exotic sports cars for the day. This track day will be full of excitement and pure speed.

7. Beer Subscription - £

Your man loves a beer. We get it, who doesn't! So keep them flowing and invest in a beer subscription to give him a little treat each month. Discover a large variety of different beers from the best craft brewers.

8. Fries Before Guys T-Shirt - ££

You're single or perhaps want to show you're independent. Instead of buying him a gift you may want to spend the money on yourself with a ‘fries before guys’ t-shirt and showcase your current relationship status.

9. Tactical Helicopter Flying Lesson - £££

Your other half has always fancied himself as a pilot. Why not test his ability with a tactical helicopter lesson and get him on his way to earning his wings!

10. Personal Vacuum Insulated Beer Keg - £££

We're not alcoholics, promise! But, which man could resist his own pressurised beer keg! It keeps your beer fresh for 2 weeks. This is a perfect gift for him this Valentines day.

What ever you buy this valentines. Make it special, quirky or fun and consider subscription products to keep the good times rolling!


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