• James Foster

5 Uncommon Ways to Look Taller

You're not too happy with your height - we get it. The average height of a UK male is 5ft 10inches and rising, so the heats on to keep up with the pack. We've found 5 uncanny methods to look taller from LA expert stylist, Rayne Parvis and the guys at dollar shave club.

1. Avoid Opposing Colours and Stripes

“Wearing a white T-shirt with a dark pair of pants cuts you in half, which draws the eye horizontally across the body,” Parvis says. “This just makes you look wider, not taller.”

She recommends building a wardrobe of similar colours and varying shades. For example, wearing a light grey shirt with dark grey pants draws the eyes up and down your body, giving you a taller appearance and creating the illusion that you’re taller.

Parvis recommends avoiding clothes with horizontal stripes, especially tees and shirts as they also draw the eye across the body rather than up and down it. Parvis adds, If you must wear stripes, make sure they run vertical.

2. Keep it Fitted

“Never wear a shirt that sits past your hip bone because it will make your legs look short and stubby,” Parvis explains. “If you’re not sure whether or not your shirt is too long, simply tuck it in.” Tucking your shirt in is a great way of looking taller whilst giving a slimming effect.

3. Say No to Tank Tops and Very Short Shorts

“As a shorter guy, you always want to draw attention up to your face, rather than your relatively short limbs,” Parvis says.

“Tank tops, short sleeves and short shorts do the exact opposite of that.” she explains, which is why she recommends sticking with trousers and longer shorts, long sleeve Tess and shirts. Another tip is to roll the shirt up to half the forearm. Wearing these items detracts attention away from the shorter parts of your body and focuses attention up to your face.

4. Keep Accessories Limited

“If you’re one of those guys who likes to wear watches or bracelets, keep them to a minimum,” Parvis suggests. “Anything too large or too flashy will just make you look smaller.”

To put it simply, keep the number of accessories to a bare minimum and make sure, if you do wear a watch, to keep it small. You don't want a hulk watch making your arm look tiny.

5. Wear Interesting Socks

Wearing quirky socks can make your ankles look longer than they are. The gap in between your pants and shoes becomes noticeable longer, whereas with boring colours your ankle blends in.

Our advise is turn your chinos up an extra roll and show even more sock. That way, you'll look even taller!

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