• James Foster

Do I Really Need to Separate the Washing?

Your Bryt socks are packed full of colour! And I know what you're thinking - I don't want the colours to run! To cut to the chase. Yes they do, but it depends whether they are new.

Here’s the whats what of separating your washing.

Separating by colour is important because dyes can bleed. Keep an eye on red and blue fabric because they cause the most trouble, according to Mary Zeitler, a laundry specialist at Whirlpool Corporation’s Institute of Home Science.

“However, after a few washes, dyes become less likely to release and transfer to other clothing,” she explains.

Separating laundry stops unwanted colour transfer, but only if the clothes are going through their first few washes.

How you wash your clothes makes a big difference too. Jeans will stay blue longer when they’re washed inside-out, because their outer surface won’t rub against many other clothes. Plus, using cool temperatures in the wash will also reduce the bleeding across all colours.

In reality, few of us actually separate their laundry. For most of us, we learn the hard way only changing when our last crisp white shirt comes out pale pink.

What's important is we separate new colours. Don't spoil your Bryt Socks by bleeding the colours and for more specific guidance on Bryt Socks, see our care instructions.


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