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7 Reasons a Sock Subscription is the Perfect Gift

If you don't know what a sock subscription, sock membership or sock of the month club is. Think of a brand new, high quality pair of socks delivered to your door each month.

Just take a few of our testimonials to see how excited members are with their new socks -

"Best gift I have bought for my husband - EVER. I have recommend your socks to all my friends"

"Brilliant Quality Socks. I'll be ordering more. PS, love the aztec pattern"

So lets break it down, here's 7 reasons why your next gift needs to be a sock subscription.

1. A Gift That Keeps Giving

Normally, the joy of gifting is limited to an individual present. However, with a sock subscription your recipient gets a reminder of you every single month. The sheer pleasure of giving can last well into the future.

In fact, Bryts standard members stay part of the club for at-least 9 months. Imagine how happy the recipient will be after all those awesome socks!

2. Always in Demand

Socks are universally required by everyone (unless you're on your Honeymoon to the Maldives, where your socks can take a week off). It's hard to go a couple of days without needing them. Whether you're working out, hiking up Kilimanjaro or dominating the boardroom, socks play a vital role in keeping your feet comfy and fresh.

With your sock subscription, this constant demand is met with a fresh pair each month.

3. Satisfies an Itch

I don't know too many people who enjoy buying socks from the store. We know we need fresh socks but getting round to purchasing them is like summiting Everest. A little like buying a replacement lightbulb.

Receiving them automatically each month is a fun way to satisfy your sock needs whilst taking the pain out of buying socks.

4. Stand Out From the Crowd

There's only so many new wallets, and novelty gifts you can buy before you run out of good gift ideas. We get sucked into buying ridiculous gifts that have no practicality whatsoever or practical gifts such as a new shirt that has little va va voom about it.

Sock subscriptions are a combination of the two. They're a unique gift with a definite practical side - that's 2 birds with 1 stone!

5. Flexibility

Do you want to give the first box in person, change a delivery address, change size or cancel the subscription? There's not many other gifts that give you this much flexibility but a good sock subscription will!

For example, you can give them this gift certificate and wait for the first delivery to arrive. Or contact us to change address or cancel your subscription.

6. Be an Individual

No one really enjoys being a sheep. Give someone a gift that makes them stand out a little and shows their fun side!

Even better, you don't get to choose the exact style or colour. It's like the sock lottery except you win every time.

7. Through the Letterbox

There's no need to stay in for deliveries. Your recipient will receive their sock subscription in the most awesome box straight through your letterbox.

Bryt's the fastest growing sock subscription in the UK offering FREE worldwide delivery. We design, craft and deliver the highest quality, unique socks to your door each month for as little as a glass of vino!

Subscribe Today and receive your first month FREE.


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